The 2nd International Conference on Law Enforcement and Public Health (LEPH2014) will be held at the Free University in the Dutch capital city of Amsterdam from 5 – 8 October 2014.

Policing and public health are both more effective when they are developed and operate in partnership – a critical partnership long in tradition but often neglected in practice. The LEPH Conferences confront this neglect by bringing together police, public health practitioners, academics and policy makers to examine, review, assess, share and learn from each other.

This is a ‘must attend’ conference for anyone in public health or law enforcement concerned with enhancing the effectiveness of their work. Register your interest in receiving further information about LEPH2014 at .

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Wise words:

Ms Zsuzsanna Jakab, Regional Director, WHO Europe

"Public health law enforcement is an important issue which requires attention but it should not be used in isolation. We sometimes observe that even when countries have robust public health legislation this does not always translate into effective enforcement action.Public health law enforcement should respect human rights and the perspectives of the public, patients and civil society.I very much agree that the role of other sectors in public health law enforcement is vital. We also see important roles of the educational, environment or the labour sectors in enforcing Public Health legislation, when it comes to matters relating to school health, environmental health, or occupational health. There are numerous other examples for the importance of other sectors in enforcing Public Health legislation.  This is also why we advocate for a stronger role for other sectors in developing public health strategies. In this respect we appreciate the reference to Health2020 and collaborative public leadership. More and more countries within the WHO European Region are now taking our regional policy framework Health 2020 forward in cross-sectoral and sometimes whole-of-government national health strategies."

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The Conference Organisers are currently negotiating to have accreditation points available from the following
professional organisations:  

*Nederlands Vereniging voor Psychiatrie/ Dutch Psychiatric Association (NVvP)
*Dutch Association of Educationalists (NRC) 
*Nederlands Instituut van Psychologen/ Dutch Institute of Psychologists
    - youth sector (NIP) & the first line (NIP)
*Beroepsregister van Agogisch en Maatschappelijk Werkers/ Professional Register of social welfare and social workers (BAMW)
*Beroepsvereniging van Zorgprofessionals/ Quality Register V & VN (nurses and carers)
*Accreditatie Bureau Sociale Geneeskunde/ ABSG Foundation Accreditation Board of Social Medicine (ABSG)
      - Forensic Medical Society (FMG) & Dome Physicians Society and Health (KAMG).
Watch this website for updates and application details.

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The Marketplace of Ideas was developed to provide practical examples of police and health/welfare collaborations at local level, across a wide range of complex social and public health issues - for operational police in particular, whose need is pressing and for practical, more than theoretical, information.

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